Finally took the plunge and moved into a new apartment – this place is great. If this isn’t Hollywood livin then I don’t know what is…I mean literally, the Hollywood sign is at the top of our street. Beachwood Canyon for the win, this place is young with an old-style Hollywood feel to it. With hiking minutes away, shops up the hill, and plenty of people walking around – you really can’t beat it. Just a short walk down the hill and you’ll find yourself at Birds, the local watering hole. Good food and great happy hour options, it’s a Franklin Village favorite. The Oaks Gourmet has quality sandwichs, pizza, coffee, liquor, you name it, they seem to have it. Really happy with the new condo – here’s to a new style of living.

Here’s a view from further down the street:


The other night we hit The Den in Hollywood, one of the solid bars to frequent in the area. A few other good choices are Hemmingway’s, Bar Lubitsch, and The Surly Goat – this area can definitely work. It’s different being further away from the ocean breeze that I was used to in Culver City, but can’t really complain with views like the above pic.

Time to unpack some more and prep for a welcoming party – maybe in a few weeks, lets not get too hasty now…