Labor Day Weekend was last weekend, Andy, Guentner, and I decided to head to Palm Springs for a night. Half day at work on Friday 8/30 provided for easy driving conditions, or so we thought.

We didn’t get on the road until 3:30pm, it took us about three and a half hours to get to Palm Springs…just to put this into perspective, Palm Springs is about 113 miles from where we live in Hollywood (approximately two hours without traffic), and it took us almost four hours. It was a spur of the moment trip, we booked the Ace Hotel on Monday of last week with the intention of staying one night, of course the plan was to overstay our welcome and chill by the pool all day Saturday.


We arrive at the hotel:

Ace Hotel

Ace Hotel


The room was pretty vintage/retro, and was stocked with grooming products from Rudy’s Barbershop. I hadn’t read reviews on this place, but apparently there are a lot of issues with the doors jamming due to expansion from the heat. Sure enough, we get into our room and get settled, then we try to leave to get coffee – and we’re locked in. No way out, there was no way we were climbing off the balcony on the second floor. A maintenance guy was sent out, he comes into the room and locks himself in there with us…anyway, they fixed the issue and we were off.

After getting coffee at the diner in the hotel, we drove off to Pioneertown – a small town about forty minutes away from Palm Springs. Andy had picked us up some tickets to a show at this place called Pappy & Harriet’s, it was literally forty minutes into the desert, nothing around it for miles and miles. So we pull up to this dirt parking lot, park the car, get our wristbands and walk in. There was a stage set up outside with what looked like strobe lights, and the restaurant was right in front of it. We walk up to the bar outside, only to find that it is cash only…we walk inside and luckily the restaurant took credit cards so all was ok. Guentner got some food, while Andy and I anxiously waited outside (beers in hand) for the show.

The opening act wasn’t too bad, a solo rapper that I hadn’t heard of. Shortly after, Purity Ring took the stage. The best way to describe their music is electronic synth, they have a female singer and a DJ. They were AMAZING, I had the opportunity to listen to their music prior to going to the show (thanks to Andy burning a copy of their album); they lived up to their album. Check out some pics and videos below, good stuff.



The concert was a blast, then we headed back to the hotel. There was another band playing in the hotel bar, we had a couple drinks while they finished up their set, then went out to the pool. After some late night swimming, and meeting a couple tourists from Pittsburgh, we passed out for the night.

The next day we decided to take a bike ride into town for some breakfast, it was only two miles at the most to get into downtown Palm Springs, so why not take a bike ride? We made it into the main town, dripping in sweat from the intense heat, when I got a flat tire…green liquid was oozing out of the front wheel, it looked like there had been a flat before and the hotel had plugged it up with some expanding foam. We grabbed some breakfast at this place in town that was pretty mediocre, and not at all where we were trying to eat, then a van came by and picked us up for our return to the Ace. It was kind of a relief actually because it was so hot biking around.



We had already checked out of the hotel, but still had our wristbands for pool access, so we set up shop by the pool to enjoy the hot, humid, borderline disgusting weather. There were plenty of people around, and it started to get pretty wild when a bachelorette party showed up. Having some drinks by the pool, sunscreened up,  burgers poolside; we had a pretty solid day of relaxing and doing absolutely nothing.



All-in-all, great time in Palm Springs. Even though it was only one night and one day, it felt like a lot longer. The concert really made the trip, I highly recommend going to Pappy & Harriet’s for a show if you are out there, really good stuff. Driving home we saw some amazing sunsets, check them out. (Just in case you aren’t tired of all the pics yet).